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Microgaming Casinos - What's the hype all about?

From Bobby Sands in the UK.
May 2015.

Microgaming is considered to be one of the best casino gaming platforms in the world. They've been through a number of iterations since 1994 and still continue to lead the way in the online gambling arena when it comes to graphics and playability. Microgaming has produced the largest number of outstanding and creatively brilliant games in the past decade, spanning over 1,200 different variants to choose from.

Microgaming have had stern competition from the likes of Playtech and Netent, although they still don't come close to the strength of Microgaming's platform. Microgaming continue to push forward and go from strength to strength.

At this time, over 120 online casinos are using utilising Microgaming casino games, and this number if ever growing. Microgaming is primarily known for its vast selection of slots games, particularly video slots. Slots fans are literally inundated with a huge choice from the classic style, 3 reel slots and lots of variations of table games.

Microgaming is also particularly known for accurately replicating land based casino table games and offering awesome live dealer games. You should be able to distinguish a Microgaming casino from their famous company logo that should be located on any given casino site that's using their games.

Another reason this software is so popular amongst casino players is the high payout percentages offered. They average payout rates of around 96% - 98%. Microgaming casinos are also approved by eCOGRA which is an independent authority operating in the casino industry and ensures fair gaming procedures as well as protection for players against unlawful tactics.

Microgaming casinos also tend to offer some of the best casino bonuses in the online space, which is why so many casino players migrate towards them. Because they offer a wide variety of games, casinos are able to customise their bonuses based on individual games. If you're looking for the best Microgaming casinos in the UK based on the casino bonuses they offer, check out this extensive top 10 guide which reviews all the criteria you need to be aware of and exactly how you can claim them.

The actual Microgaming platform is extremely easy to use and offers some amazing features to aid usability and better game playability. Some of its built-in features include cash check which allows players to check their balances and transactions at any one time, useful when wanting to know deposit amounts. There's also an auto play which allows players to simply switch the feature on and then a computer based algorithm makes the decisions on your behalf.

Microgaming is truly a benchmark within the online gaming industry. Offering the best graphics and sounds, they're able to satisfy on all levels. They consistently release new games and offer an extremely easy to use navigation with great features. Microgaming is also responsible for the largest ever online casino win of an astounding 5.8m! on a slot game called Mega Moolah. This is still, to date, the largest ever casino win online. Just shows that anything is possible! Give it a try now and see what you can do!

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