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Understanding The New Direction the Online Casino Industry is Taking

By Mark from
November 2014

Everything changes over time, and the online casino world is no exception. There are a number of big changes that have been slowly starting up and are really starting to cause a paradigm shift in the way these games are played. We want to look at a few of the big changes that have started to push through and how they are expected to completely revolutionize the industry as a whole.

The Online Casino Mobile Push And HTML5

There have been mobile casino sites for a long time. The games started off in Java and moved over to the more versatile Macromedia Flash platform, but they have peaked in a way because of some of the limitations of Flash. The newest platform is HTML5, and it allows game developers to build high-quality games without using as many resources as Macromedia Flash. The end result is that you can do more with HTML5. On top of that, you can make HTML5 games that are available for non-mobile platforms as well, so this cuts down on some of the extra work that's done to make multiple versions of the same games. With mobile casinos becoming more popular because more people have smartphones, HTML5 is going to become the main platform of choice sooner or later just because of the nature of competition between the software companies.

The Focus on Quality Over Quantity

The software side of the online casino industry has always been about competition and trying to gain an advantage. Each individual software developer has always tried to have selling points that made players and operators want to play with them. For a long time, the main advantage that these companies would try to get was in the quantity department. By having more games than the other guys, these companies were able to get an advantage. That's no longer the case. The difference between 200 and 600 games isn't that big of a deal for the average player, and this has caused the playing field to change in a major way. Now software companies are fighting to have the highest-quality titles available to show that they can give players a better experience than the competition. Along these lines, you're starting to see a lot more use of innovative bonus features, 3D graphics and slots that have a storyline instead of having each spin be independent from each other.

Putting It All Together

Competition creates what's known as upward pressure, and this means that things are constantly improving because everyone is trying to innovate to get the upper hand. Along these lines, you're going to start seeing more and more of high-quality games, and many of those are going to be produced through the HTML5 format. Chances are that within five years, almost all new games will be built using HTML5 to keep up with the leaders of the industry who are already coming out with new titles that are based on this particular software platform.


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